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COVID Fallout

I work at the local University as a Software and enjoy the atmosphere there. Students shuffling from one class to the next, co-workers out doing their lap around campus, and the squirrels busy hunting for food. Even though my office was a little warm, I could easily step out and wander the halls for a brief recess. There were many exciting applications to create and departments to collaborate with. As far as I was concerned, life was good on campus.

All of that came to a screaching halt when the threat COVID-19 swept the University. Within a week we were all booted out and working from home. Life had changed.

Working from home was an adjustment but it turned out it was not that hard of a change. Even though I lost a lot of the benefits from working on campus, I gained many other perks. Perks such as cutting an hour of driving time, sleeping later due to not having to drive to work, new standing desk, and I get to see my two cats all day long.

Another perk is the use of my laptop anywhere I want. I could code anywhere other than home. Lately, I would hop on my bike and pedal over to the local coffee shop and work there. In fact, I’ve been riding my bike a lot more. I’ll ride over to the coffee shop to work, head out to lunch, and finish the afternoon working at home. What a way to work! I do miss the squirrels though. They were fun to watch.

A year later, the campus has gone to a hybrid learning model. It’s a combination of on-campus classes mixed with online learning. The Information Technology (IT) department has mostly stayed as work from home permanently. We programmers can work anywhere with a computer and Internet access. I think we were well prepared for work from home. Our job, correspondence, timekeeping, meetings, and project assignments were already done online. It wasn’t a big stretch to start working from home for us.

Thanks for reading my initial post. I haven’t figured the details out yet, but I know it will be coding-related.