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My To-Do List

My coding to-do list.

Being my first job as a programmer, I’ve come a long way in my skills. I still consider myself a junior programmer compared to the rest of the world. I am cognate that should be using best practices when developing a Web App. That is why I have made a to-do list to get me in that position I feel I should be at.

So, without further delay here is my list.

  • Use services to separate business logic from controllers
  • Once services are implemented, work on Unit testing
  • Implement MOQ to supplement Unit testing
  • Use EF to connect to Oracle databases
  • Figure out how to do a DAST security can from Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

It’s a small list but it’s essential for me to master it in order to construct my applications in a readable and manageable fashion. We are a young development team in the same boat as me where I work. We all need to up our skills to produce better code at a quicker pace.

Not included on the list but ongoing are improvements in accessibility in all of our applications. Our application needs to be user-friendly for anyone that uses it, including those with disabilities.

I am constantly discussing accessibility issues or best practices with my boss. I also reach out to the developers of some of the technology I use and ask if they have plans to improve accessibility. Hopefully, I can nudge them in that direction.

Out of the list I provided, I would say that the top three items are high on my list. If I can master those three tasks, that will go a long way in improving my code. I can then document and teach the others in my team how to do the same.

What’s on your list? Add your list to the comments and explain why you chose them.

Cheers, and happy coding.